Winding down

Things in the Janish household have been in a state of chaos for many months now. We finally moved into the house last tuesday after struggling to get the water turned on. The house looks a million times better but still so much work to be done.

We are slowly unpacking and putting things where we need them. We have set aside the major efforts until next week though. My friend, christine is in town for a few days! Steve’s mom also came into town for a wedding this weekend. It is nice to be able to show off our house a little (even in its current state) as we have put in so much time.

The big news in our lives is that we bought a new computer and a treadmill! Woo hoo! Now I can do homework and we can both run at night. I don’t enjoy running but ill do it because I know its good for me…kind of like eating green beans. 🙂

Laila is doing great! She is so big. She can say moo for cows, quacks for ducks, woofs for dogs. Says mommy daddy kiley (my parent dog), kitty, nuh-uh (yikes!), mmmmmm (when something is tasty), baby, teresa, and I think that is about it!

She is growing up so terribly fast! Makes me a little sad. Ill post pictures later!

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