Why is time flying by so quickly?

I can’t believe it is already the end of January. I can’t believe it is already 2010. I can’t believe Laila is 18 months and I can’t believe I am nearly 28. That is right 2….8…….who thought I would ever by 28. Okay, logically I know that eventually everyone gets older…but not me right? I don’t every expect to be 30, 40, 50?! It isn’t that I am afraid to grow old! It is really the fact that I don’t FEEL that age and I don’t FEEL like enough time has passed to constitute my being 28.

Where did all this time go, did I waste most of it doing stupid things like watching television or doing the dishes or working (ha!). Probably! But I do feel like the past 2 years of my life have been jam packed with STUFF. Both good and bad but stuff all the same. I have really taken advantage of my time and used it wisely, I believe. I hope to continue doing that, making the most of every minute with my family and just on my own.

I am going to pretend I was off doing awesome things instead of blogging all month. That will make us all feel better. Really, it was laziness, exhaustion and the need to snuggle my perfect baby (toddler!) more.

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