We have the house blues….

We are STILL waiting to close on our house.
It is taking forever and we keep getting SO close, just to have it pushed off another week.
….and another week.
…….and another week.
……….and another week.

You get the idea. It is “suppose” to done by this Friday (Aug 21st) but who knows what to believe anymore. I think I am just anxious because it is just creating a whole new set of issues. After we close then we have to deal with the renovation of the house, which is never fun. We have had some issues with contractors already and may be switching to a new one before they even start working. I just am not sure it is worth the hassle of giving them a shot when they cannot even be counted on to sign a form. You know?

Steve and I are both at the ends of our respective ropes. We are trying to remain kind and remember that it is almost over, but it is hard. Work stress, house stress, family stress …it all piles up. We haven’t have a repreive from it…..oh…..ever. We are both looking forward to moving into our OWN house. No one else around. No roomates, no extended family….just me,Steve and Laila. Maybe a dog. No one else.

Scott and Tanya were in town for a few days, it was nice to see them.Laila got a great gift from The Disney Store from her auntie and uncle. A cute pair of pjs and a Laila size Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. She loves it! Thanks again, guys!

We are counting down 3 months until our trip to see Dan, Monique and new baby Olivia (due mid-November.) I apologize, the exact date escapes me. Also, I am counting down 7 weeks until Christine comes for her annual visit to Minnesota! I miss her so much! 🙂

Ok, now I have to check all my blogs that I follow. 🙂

(side note: mom, we love you and we are grateful everyday for your generosity of letting us stay with you! don’t be sad, we will be closer than you think!)

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