We have been extremely neglectful in our blogging duties. For that, I am sorry! We have had a whirlwind month and can hardly believe it is already august.

Just this past week we have been to two ( yes 2!) Twins games! Laila loves it and really does well! She gets excited at the right times and even does the wave! 🙂

The housing situation is on track, despite the best efforts of the mortgage company. Uggh no one ever said it would be this hard to buy ANYTHING! Oh well, we should be closing by August 10th (we hope). We will be remodeling the kitchen, new carpet, new windows, new furnace and some plumbing work. So we hope to be in by Labor Day. We did notice that they took the for sale sign out of the front yard so that is encouraging!

I am actually writing this post as we sit at the most boring baseball game ever..and we are losing by a ridiculous amount of runs. I figured my time will be better spent blogging on my blackberry. Steve still hasn’t asked what I am doing, which I find amusing.
Birthday week has come and gone for the second time. Laila’s 1st birthday was a bittersweet day for me. Happy that she is growing up but sad that she is growing up.

My birthday was nice. Steve took me out to dinner the night before and we went out drinking on my birthday. Steve taught me to play shuffle board and guess what, I’m not even terrible!

Let’s seeee…what else?!? I don’t think anything really that eventful has happened aside from lailas birthday and just waiting on the house. So with that said, I will get back to the game!

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