I have been terrible at keeping up with our blog this month.
Forgive me, please! We have had a LOT going on.
Our lives are currently turned upside down and we are looking forward to settling into a new routine.
As some of you may know, we are moving out of our townhouse and moving into my parents for a few months.
We are waiting for the assumption of the townhouse to go through to Steve’s name off the current mortgage.

The paperwork was FINALLY sent in this week and now it is just a waiting game.
Needless to say, we are both stressed and relieved all at the same time.
We need this to happen fairly quickly and smoothly so that we can start seriously looking at houses.
Until it goes through, we can’t really do much as we risk losing any earnest money that we would put down if the assumption is delayed.

Part of me still fears that it won’t go through for one reason or another. But there is nothing that we can do about that now!
We have done our part and we just have to stay positive.
We are excited to have the opportunity to have Laila spend lots of good time with my parents.
We are ALSO excited to be able to save quite a bit of money up for improvements on our new house, wherever it may be! 🙂

Laila is amazing, as usual. 🙂
She is CRAWLING. YES, you heard me, CRAWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is getting into EVERYTHING. I just love it!
She is now eating semi solids and is a carnivore. She loves chicken pasta dished just like her mama.
She is really thriving in her new day-care and we love it there.

Congrats to my friend, Jen, on graduation from the dreaded nursing school.
Big Congrats on getting into her OWN HOUSE with HER OWN family. 🙂

Congrats to Steve on his BIG award at work.
Service Excellence for the 1st quarter! Awesome job!
Congrats on your 1 Year anniversary at this current job and 5 YEARS with Wells Fargo!
A job well done!

So, that is the update on us. Sorry it took so long!

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