Ultrasound #3 and 37 weeks!

We got an ultrasound on Thursday May 12th because our doctor thought the baby was measuring a bit small.  She said it was nothing to be too concerned about but if we can do another one, we should to take a look!  So we did and our baby boy is WONDERFUL!  He was measuring right on track where we think and they estimated his weight at 6 lbs and 2 oz.  Which would make him around 6 lb 10 oz today! Of course these are just estimates, but it is fun to guess!  Looks like this baby will be about as big as Laila if he makes it to the due date.  She was 7 lb 14 oz and 5 days overdue! 

I definitely took a turn in terms of prelabor yesterday.  I had about 3 hours worth of painful contractions and I decided that I didn’t really want to give birth again.  Steve kindly informed me that I didn’t really have a choice.  But after a “good” night’s rest and lots of water I am feeling better.  I definitely think this baby isn’t going to make it to the due date (wishful thinking perhaps).   On a positive note,  the baby has dropped a bit and I can breathe again!  I am sure it is only days before the back pain sets in so I am enjoying the reflux free/ easy breathing time. 🙂

We have been filling our days trying to keep the house clean so we can have a nice environment to come home too.  We have been trying to play with our friends a lot to keep Laila tired :).  Thanks to my friends Angie Honeycutt and Jesi Liekhus for ALWAYS being willing to help us out in that department!  My dad (or Laila’s Bapa) has really been my sanity the past 6 months.  He is always willing to take Laila for a few hours and let me rest.   I am really blessed to have such amazing friends and family in my life! 

We were a little afraid this weekend when my parents were going out of town to Colorado.  What if we go into labor and have no one to watch Laila!  Luckily two of my awesome friends offered to watch her 🙂 Turns out their flight was cancelled anyway and they aren’t going…but still! We are so blessed!

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