Two Birthdays In One Week!?

Well, this week will, from now on, be a busy week for Steven! Both his girls have birthdays in the same week! My birthday is tomorrow and we have Laila all set up for her birthday on Friday!
Of course, she can come anytime before that and we would love to see her 🙂

I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant today! I am feeling well aside from some hip and very low back pain. But that is to be expected at this point I think! I have just been sleeping whenever I feel the need and really trying to stay off my feet as it seems to aggravate my back pain.

We had our appointment today with the midwife and baby is looking great (as usual!). She said I am ALL ready to go we are just waiting on this little girl to make her move. She has until Friday July 25th to do that because at 7:30 am we will go into Woodwinds Hospital to start our induction.

While I am very excited about meeting Laila, the idea of an induction does make me a little nervous! But I just keep telling myself what I KNOW Bebe would say….It doesn’t matter how she gets here…just that she gets here. Right?! 🙂

Thursday we will go in for our ultrasound at 8:15 am and then we will try to sleep as much as we can Thursday night! I am sure the excitement will be a lot to handle and we won’t sleep much! Steve and I will update as the week goes on if anything happens and for sure when we get into the hospital!

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