Topsy Turvy….round and round we go!

Maybe it is just the pregnancy hormones and maybe it is just the fact that Laila is growing up so darn fast but I have been feeling this weight the past few days.  It feels like I cant quite catch my breath and see my surroundings, like I am on a carnival ride.  I know as I spin around there are things that I immediately recognize.  My husband, my child, my house (disaster though it may appear somedays). 

With only 6.5 weeks until our due date I am realizing how excited I am to have a baby and how all the same worries are easing their way into my mind.  Will I be capable of taking care of two small children?  Will I be able to provide what this little guy needs, starting with the right name?  (Which we still have not decided or come to even a general agreement upon).  Will I be able to survive the post birth hormone changes without having a total mental breakdown like I did last time?  Will I be able to show Laila that she is still so important while also teaching her that we are a family and our world does not, in fact, revolve around the Laila show every waking minute of every day.

These are all the questions that are currently running through my head.  Along with the fact that I am highly allergic to our cat and I am struggling to vacuum as much as I used todo which makes me sneezy.  Thankfully my hubby knows this and always vacuums when I can’t.  You know you are ready to have a baby when 5 minutes of vacuuming sends you to the couch because of contractions.  🙂  

I am thankful for good friends who talk me through my worries.  Thankful that I have a lot of friends with more than one kid some with a LOT more than one kid. 😉  I am grateful to my parents who provide unbelievable support to Steve and me, whenever we need it.  It has been really great to be able to spend so much time with my dad since he retired in September of 2010.   All in all, this has been a great 8 months of being pregnant so far and one that I am so thankful to be able to spend at home.  To be able to be with my baby girl and to have to ability to rest when I needed was the most amazing gift my husband could ever give to me.  

I am really, truly blessed and my life is far more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be.  🙂

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