Three weeks old!

The past three and half weeks have been an absolute blur.  We got Cooper home on May 31st in the evening and had a few days of family time.  On June 4th, Bebe and Paul arrived for a week of snuggling their two grand kids.  Laila had a blast with her grandparents and I am sure Cooper did too.  🙂

After they left we had about three days of nothing (except bedtime tantrums from Laila) before we had to start packing up for my brother’s wedding (Andy).  Laila was the flower girl and did a  fabulous job.  She is quite the diva when it comes to the camera and performing.  🙂  I will post pictures when I get them from Andy and Ashley.

Laila did surprising well as far as her behavior despite the extreme lack of sleep we all had last weekend.  This week her tantrums are much less and mostly are due to lack of sleep when they do happen.  One night she called/cried for us for at LEAST 2 hours about how she NEEDED A BANDAID for a non existent “owie”.  She then finally fell asleep on her floor after said tantrum.  Ugh…I am praying those days are behind us and we are moving on to a new calmer era of bedtime.  Especially since we will be moving Cooper into her room in the next month or so.

Anyway, enough chit chat.  Onto the pictures!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Awesome! Love the pics!

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