This about sums it all up….

It was a crazy weekend.  Things were a bit off kilter around the Janish house.  It included the following events:  mutiple 2 year old meltdowns that resulted in OVERLY long time outs (because SOMEONE won’t sit in time out for more than 17 seconds at any given time.), Mia (the dog) getting stuck under the deck at my parents house and me having to rescue her with my sweet skills, picture hanging (no explanation needed), a ton of yardwork, a ton of cleaning and of course….going to bed at 8:30 on sunday night due to pure exhaustion.

Whew.  So in honor of that crazy weekend, here is a picture of Laila that sums up our silly moods today as we recognize that TODAY IS A NEW DAY and we will not let a few rough days ruin our fun!  Go summer!

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One Response to “This about sums it all up….”

  1. Jen Norman says:

    Yep, you’re right. They were clearly separated at birth.

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