The Winter Blues

The Janish house has the winter blues. It is wearing on us and we are
tired of it! Yes, we realize we live in Minnesota and yes, we know we
shouldn’t complain about the snow. It isn’t so much the snow that we
mind…it is the weeks and weeks without seeing the sun. It is the
wind and the below freezing temps that make your skin dry and give you
an instant “ice cream headache”. You didn’t think that was possible?
Well, my friends, it is and it is brutal.

With all that said, we won’t leave Minnesota. She is like a bad
relationship. When things are bad they are bad but when they are
good, they are ohhhhh so good. The summer is the best in the world.
There is nothing better that I have ever experienced then driving up
to the lake on a Friday after work. Spending Saturday floating around
on the pontoon with a cooler full of adult beverages and a good book.
Getting whipped around the lake on a tube or floating on a blow up
raft that is tied to the dock so you don’t float away. There is
nothing more satisfying then having a paddle boat race across the lake
and then coming back to a delicious grilled dinner. Every night the
promise of a campfire and s’mores. The idea that, yes, this only
lasts 4-5 months seems unreasonable. But it is worth it. It is worth
every bleak and dreary snowy, slush filled day.

So, lets make it through the next 6-7 weeks and we are home free!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it smells like Banana
boat and frozen margaritas. 🙂

(Did i mention we can’t take the winter anymore and we are going to
Mexico for a week)
( Oh, I left that part out? Sorry. We are wimps and need some sunshine.)

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