The End Is Near

We had our 40 week appointment yesterday (although we arent 40 weeks until tomorrow 7/18). We are due on 7/19 which is only 38 hours away! My gut is telling me Saturday will come and go and no baby will arrive.

So we have another appointment set up for Monday to do a Non-Stress Test to make sure she is doing well (which she will be). It test her heart rate and movement. After the test is done we will schedule a Bio-Physical Ultrasound which is just a more in depth ultrasound. It will test her breathing and blood flow, all that good stuff.

Once we have THAT done we will go into the hospital either that same day or the next day to start an induction. Now, remember at ANY point if Laila decides to come on her own we just proceed as normal. But if not! We will have a baby by next weekend. Thank GOD! And end is in sight!

Steve and I are holding up pretty well. It helps to know that there is a baby on the other end of this week. 🙂 We will update if something happens before Monday!

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