The beginning of a new world

My baby is going to school tomorrow.  Last week we went to Kindergarten open house to meet Laila’s teacher, Ms. Carlson, and drop off all of her school supplies.  This all a little bit of a whirlwind as she was suppose to go to a school here in Coon Rapids.  However, with the house being sold and pending the closure in a few weeks we opted to move her to Otsego schools early.

We are just praying that everything goes through with the closures so we don’t end up with no house in Otsego and a kid in school there! 🙂

I have to admit, I am having a fairly hard time with letting go of Laila.  I am sure it is typical for parents to feel this way.  While I haven’t shed any tears, yet….I am having a lot of anxiety about my baby being so far away for so long.  I am so excited for her new adventure and I know she will be amazing.

We have had many great talks together about the friends she will meet, the challenges she will face and the kind of person she wants to be.  My favorite conversation we had is about how she wants to be nice to all the kids, no matter who they are.  I told her that there will be mean people that she will meet in her life, but everyone has feeling and we can never know why people act the way they do. She is so sweet and says, maybe I can just love them and tell them I want to go meet new friends too. 🙂

Please say a prayer for my baby starting her new adventure and this mama working on letting go, just a little.


These two are going to miss each other a lot!


On our adventure to find her classroom! 🙂 I just love the excitement and wonder in her face.

Putting her supplies at her desk!



Telling her teach all about her! 🙂



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