Thanksgiving Road Trip Extragavanza!

Today we are embarking on our Thanksgiving Road trip.  Although not nearly our longest trip. ( That was the Summer on 2010 Vegas/Dallas/Minnesota circuit of 39 hours of driving plus many many stops!) 

This will be the first trip with our newest family member, Cooper!  We are so happy to have him along for the ride and in our new vehicle we should have plenty of room for the four of us.  The plan is to leave today at 3 pm and drive to Iowa City to stay with at the Jensen home.  That will take about 6 hours of the trip.

Monday we will drive from Iowa City to Louisville, KY taking about 8 hours.  And the final leg of the first portion of the trip (whew) will be another 8 hour haul from Louisville to Danville, VA.   We are hoping to arrive before 9 pm on Tuesday at the grandparents doorstep.  Weather and babies permitting, of course! 🙂

Snuggle Time and Story Time!


This is when we made Turkey Handpuppets!

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