Summer Vacation 2010- part 1

We have returned from our 10 day summer vacation.  Unfortunately, half of that ten days was without Steve as he had to work and didn’t want to use up all the rest of his vacation time for the year.  But, we did have some great family time when he was with us for 5 days!

First Grandma Pam, Laila and I all hopped in the car and  headed from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City.  My dad, Andy and Ashley all arrived late that night.  It is beautiful there! I wish I could go in the winter time, even though I don’t ski or even like to be outside.  But it would be gorgeous I can just tell.   We actually stayed in Park City, Utah which isn’t far from SLC.

After a stay in an awesome condo, we headed down to Vegas.  We checked into the hotel to find out that yours truly had booked our hotel room for the night before…..not that night.  Genius.  We were only staying one night as we were planning on spending the other nights with Cody and Nicole, who live in North Las Vegas.  It was the beginning to a night full of follies all committed by yours truly.  Oh well, we made it through and in the end we still made to to the wedding, which was the important part!

Monique looked amazing.  Her dress was stunning and her hair was magnificent.  🙂

We had a great dinner after and I was even treated to the worst migraine of my entire life.  But I don’t really want to remember that, all I want to remember was the sweet relief of it goes away after copious amounts of drugs, pepsi and italian food.  🙂

After that, the happy couple headed off to Jamaica and we got the special treat of spending the evening and next morning with our most favorite neice ever, Olivia Tarasar.  She is just the sweetest baby you have ever met and I wanted to keep her forever.  So if you ever need to ship her off somewhere, Dan and Monique, call me!

Here are some more pictures from the day:

This was the first part of our trip and we had such a great time! Thanks everyone for making the wedding such a special day.

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2 Responses to “Summer Vacation 2010- part 1”

  1. Jacque says:

    I love all of the pictures! Looks like everyone had a blast and you look beautiful as ususal! Next time I am in MN I am fbing you to come have lunch with me! TTYL!

  2. Stef says:

    Of course, Jacque. I would love to see you! You need to come back soon! I am happy you can follow us on our blog! Makes the distance seem a little less, doesn’t it?

    If you get a chance, email me at

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