Still Waiting…

Steve and I decided to start this up so that our families can check in on us whenever they want! Since we have family all the way from California to Texas to Vegas to DC and lots of stops along the way..we thought it would be nice for everyone!

Today I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Only 5 days left until our due date and we are just trying to stay busy. We appreciate everyone who is concerned and curious but we ask that you don’t call or text to ask “how are you….”. We know what you are up to 🙂 and we will definitely let everyone know as soon as something happens.

We are very excited for little Laila to come and for Steve’s parents to head into town. We miss them very much and are blessed that they are able to make the trip on Laila’s whim. 🙂 She already has them wrapped around her little finger.

My parents are up at the lake all week which is 3 hours away and will be able to come down whenever we need them. My dad says my mom has to stop buying things for her until he sees her ten fingers and ten toes. Don’t worry, that hasn’t stopped her. 🙂

So now we just wait…just like everyone else… 🙂 Keep checking back and I will post updates for you curious people. Don’t be offended if we don’t answer your calls or texts, we are trying to enjoy our last days alone together 🙂 Until then….business as usual. Steve will play tennis and watch baseball….I will read and try to get things straightened up around here!

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