Steve’s surgery and the first week as SAHM

Here is an update of our events the past few weeks.  I must warn you, they are not all happy and cheerful.  This has been a bit hectic and sometime downright painful around here.

But let’s start with some happy memories!  On June 18th we hopped on a plane to Dallas.  (Or as Laila calls it- going in the clouds)  She always asks daddy not to go in the clouds.  This came about after Steve was traveling frequently for work over the past year.  I would explain to her that Daddy went on a plane up in the clouds to get to work for a few days.  So now, anytime we go on a plane (which is much more that I think most nearly 2 year olds have experienced) she says this.

We had a GREAT time in Dallas.  It was father’s day weekend so Steve got a massage and a haircut (which he desperately needed anyway!).  It was such a great relaxing time for him.  We got to spend  a lot of time in the sun and in the beautiful pool.  Bebe and Paul (Steve’s parents) have a gorgeous backyard and they even have a baby lemon tree. It is so cute.  My favorite part of the landscape is the magnolia tree Paul just planted.  I even got to see if bloom!  It was incredible and smelled simply amazing.  What a treat!

Laila went to the Fort Worth Zoo on our last day in town.  I love that zoo because you can really get closer to the animals (obviously not THAT close) but the way they have it set up makes you feel like you are closer.  I am not sure how they did it, but it is pretty awesome!

My first week as a stay at home mom was hectic.  I had a lot of school work to do so it was really non stop for us.  We played in the morning and then had lunch.  Laila would go down for a nap and I would study.  When she woke up, we would have a snack and then go out into her pool.  While she was playing in the water, I would read as much as I could.  It was really nice to sit outside in the sun and read instead of in a break room for 15 minutes or over my lunch.  That was a GREAT feeling.  I had a math test Thursday night which meant Steve dropped Laila off at my parents.  His tonsillectomy was the next morning so we didn’t want to have to wake her up super early to go over there.  She stayed there until Sunday afternoon so that I could take care of Steve.

The surgery went well and I am so glad we did it.  The doctor said his tonsils are some of the worst he has ever seen in 15 years of doing this surgery.  Yikes!  The first day went fine, he slept a lot.  Second day was ok but he was in discomfort.  Sunday and Monday were pretty hard on him and he was in a lot of discomfort.  It wasn’t really the tonsils that were hurting him but complications from his hiatal hernia surgery a few years back.  I guess we never considered that would flare up again but everything is connected you know!  I think we got him back on track with a new mixture of drugs and convincing him to rest.

Yesterday was really hard for me because I had to take care of Laila, Steve and do lots of homework includinga  quiz in math.  Which I soundly failed. I am trying to move on and do better on the next one.  I still have a really high B in the class and am hoping to pull off an A.  I am realistic that it may not happen but all I can do it try for the best!

Right now, Laila is at the Como Zoo with her Aunty Jes.  I am so thankful to my parents and to both Jes and Jen for helping us with Laila.  Jenny came over yesterday and played with Laila for almost 2 hours!  (It seemed like 10 minutes to me, Jen!)  I was able to clean up the kitchen and the living room.  I don’t think you know how big of a help that was.

Jes has Laila this morning so that I can do my homework (and write this blog ).  🙂  My dad is picking up Laila this afternoon so I can write my paper that is due tomorrow.  Of course, I haven’t even started it yet.  Also, thanks in advance to Victoria who will be forced to proof my paper.

Steve and I definitely realize we couldn’t do this all on our own and thanks so much to everyone who has helped.  You mean the world to us!!!!

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