Spring Happenings!

This week has been both an exciting week and a stressful week.

We switched Laila’s daycare and we couldn’t be happier!  Laila is now at a daycare very near my parent’s house.  I have known the family for nearly my whole life.  It is a great comfort knowing she is safe and happy now.  Every morning this week, Laila has been talking about how excited she is to go to Katie’s house.   It is very sweet. 

 We also had our realtor come out to take a look at our house.  We aren’t looking at selling it right now but were very curious about what he thought we could list it at.  Turns out, all our pain and torture from last fall have already paid us back.  Our house is worth substantially more than we bought it for.  So that was the REALLY exciting news and we are thankful to be in such a good situation should we want to sell.

 Looking forward to the next couple of weeks we have a lot going on. On Friday, May 28th, I will be heading to my first game in the new stadium.  Steve has already been to two games, so I am a bit jealous!  After the game we will be heading up to the lake for Memorial Day weekend!  We will be returning Monday May 31st to gear up for Steve’s surgery on June 1st

 Steve has to have his tonsils out.  He really should have had them out years and years ago but just never did.  We are both apprehensive, as surgery is always a big deal, but looking forward to a life with minimal pain and much less illness floating around. Steve will definitely be out of work for a few weeks at the very least.  And I will be taking the first few days off and then on an as-needed basis. 

 June will also be a big month in general.  I return to classes as of June 1st and we are looking into getting a new air conditioner and rebuilding our decrepit deck.  That is a LOT of stuff going on and I hope we can fit it all in before birthday week at the end of July. 

 A big congratulations goes out to my cousin Madeline on her graduation from Evergreen High School!   We are proud of you!

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