Some things never change….

Steve and I are realizing that even though we have a new baby and she is, no doubt, a LOT of work…we still find time to enjoy the things we love. Our lives are still our own! That hasn’t changed…it is just better and more important now! We have been working on balancing our needs and wants with Laila’s and each others. Obviuosly, Laila’s needs come first before either of ours but we don’t BOTH need to do every task!

We will definitely figure it out in the next few months and get better at taking care of ourselves so that Laila has happy, healthy parents!

This weekend is an exciting time for our little family. It is Laila’s one month birthday and we are going up to the cabin! YAY! Her first time up at Grandma and Grandpa Tarasar’s cabin! We are also going up next weekend for Labor Day. So as my dear husband informed me we will be spending 5 of the next 12 nights at the cabin. I hope Laila likes it. 🙂

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