So close to the end!

So big news!
The assumption has been accepted by the mortgage company and a closing date HAS BEEN SET!
That is right. As of Friday around 4:30 we are free! We are homeless, but free!
I am so excited and I know Steve is too.
Our wonderment over whether we did the right thing is almost over.
We even think we found a house we want to put an offer in on, if it is still there next week!
It is a cute little house and would fit our lifestyle perfectly for the next few years.

I am trying to not get attached to anything, as I know buying a house can be a lot of ups and down. Both Steve and our realtor told me this a few times, do you think they are worried about me? I don’t know what they could possibly mean?! Me get attached and obsess about something. Not in my nature. 🙂 Right? Right?!

In other news, Laila is doing fantastic as usual. She is getting so big and I can’t believe that now she has lived in EVERY month of the year! 🙂 What a great accomplishment. Kudos to you, baby girl! We are planning a small first birthday party. A few of them actually. One in Aberdeen the weekend before and one at the lake on her actual birthday.

And a note to Steve, no my birthday is NOT July 23rd….it is July 22nd. July 23rd is your DAUGHTERS birthday. So stop telling people my birthday is July 23rd. Ay! I don’t think that will ever end. 🙂

Sidenote: We had our check up at the ENT. She is doing great, no need to go back unless we think something is wrong. Whew! We are excited to stop paying co-pays and sitting in waiting rooms for a LONG time!

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