September is home improvement month

We have already had an extremely productive month.  9/03 marks our one year anniversary of owning our house.  I wish I has some pictures to use as before pictures.  I think my mom has some I will ask her and edit this out later, so you will never remember having this conversation.  🙂

It is hard to believe a year has passed in our house already.  It was such a disaster when we bought it.  Here is a laundry list of things we have done.  Immediately we ripped out all the carpet, cleaned for DAYS, painted every wall, put in new carpet, new appliances, new counter-tops, knocked out a wall, put up a new pass through and cabinet to replace it.  We also put in all new windows, new furnace and fixed the chain link fence.  The garage door had seen better days, but it was still semi functional.  We had it repaired and it actually lasted us through the winter!  It broke the day after the final snowstorm, what luck!

This year we have not done a whole lot to the house.  I think we were both just really exhausted from basically redoing the entire inside from top to bottom.  But this summer we got the bug again and we started planting some plants around the front yard (thanks wendy!) and even planted a garden in the late summer.  Granted, our garden didn’t fair so well as it turns out it is about 80% shade during the day. But it is the effort that we are proud of. 🙂

This fall we decided we needed to finish up the projects we planned for the year.  We had a new garage door put in.  The new deck really came about when my leg went through a board and Steve said, ‘That is it! We are getting a new deck.’  So we had our favorite free handyman come out and get us a materials list (my dad).  We went to the Home Depot and they delivered it to our door step.  Amazing!

Steve asked his dad to come up for the weekend from Dallas and we were so grateful to have him there.  Between Paul, Doug, Greg and Andy it was an easy effort.  Ok, maybe they just made it LOOK easy.  Even Paul’s brother, John, stopped by in between the Twin’s game and the Vikings game.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

(isn’t my hubby so cute using the nail gun!!) I think so!

(Uncle Andy snuggling a pair of really tired little girls!)

Here is laila enjoying her deck after the big building weekend.  It was chilly but she really wanted to get out there!

You know that Laila needs to have her coffee or she is super cranky! 😉

We are a very happy family 🙂

Thanks to everyone who helped with the deck and also with wrangling the children and pets into submission during the events!

Here is a video of laila showing of her new deck and chanting “here is our new deck!”

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