Quick Update

I haven’t been posting much because not a lot has been going on!

Tomorrow BB Janish is 29 weeks and we are beginning to count down the days (78 as of today) until the due date!  We are so ready for him to be here and the warm weather!

This past weekend we repainted Laila’s room and have deemed it the new kid’s room.  We are doing a jungle theme and Laila seems pretty excited about it.  She does waver back and forth between whether she is ok with her baby brother sleeping in her room.  We will see how it goes.  We do have 4 bedrooms but only 2 are on the main floor.

We also bought a new car this weekend! Super exciting for me since it will be my primary car.  Steve just drives to the park and ride everyday so he will take our other car.  We bought an ’08 Mazda cx-7 and it is fancy.  🙂

That is about all we have to report.  Laila has been going to quite a few Timberwolves games lately with her Dad.  Here is a picture of her with Crunch and also one of us playing on my mom’s Ipad.

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