Our little “helper”

Cooper has recently discovered he can climb on things and open doors/drawers.  How exciting for us! 🙂

I turned away to put a dish in the cupboard and looked back to find THIS.  He is FAST!

Our lives will never be the same, I think.


Fashionable? Or annoyed?

This is what happens when your hand me downs are from your older sister!  🙂 Poor Coopster!

First bonfire of the year!

Such a beautiful night out so we decided to have a fire in our backyard.

Cooper and Laila loved it!

Pic’ O the Day

Looks like fall in our yard….

We are enjoying our Springtime!

We have been very busy in the Janish house lately.  I started my photography business and have been amazingly busy with that, and loving it!  Check out my website at tinymomentsphoto.com!

In other news, Cooper is 10 months old!  How exciting! 🙂  We love our baby boy more everyday.

Here are a few pictures of our recent outdoor adventures.

Summer weather in March

March 18th and it is nearly 80 degrees.  Daddy took Laila and Cooper to the park for a dinner picnic and some swinging.  Here is a picture of Coop’s first go around on the swings. 🙂


Proud Mama :)

I sure do just love this beautiful baby boy 🙂

Christmas 2011

Here are some photos that we got done for Christmas.  We were going to to use them as gifts…however I am pretty lazy and now they are a bit past due.  Oh well, I still enjoy them.  Thanks to http://www.hreesephotography.com/ for the beautiful photos of my babes!




Cooper is 9 months!

I keep telling my kids to stop growing up so fast.   It is almost like the more I tellt hem, the less they listen.  Anyone else have this problem?  Here is my little man playing with some new big boy toys!   



And here is a little Laila love 🙂


We are so very blessed to have both our kids!  Happy 9 months little man!