Wuh-OH! Wuh -OH!

Cooper’s favorite word to say is “wuh-oh”!  I love it and coach him to say it because it is so adorable.

That has nothing to do with the photos I am posting…I just thought you should know how cute he is. 🙂

We saw Santa today.  Laila asked for a dollhouse and a Dora Mermaid doll.  Cooper asked to be anywhere but Santa’s lap.

Halloween 2012

Another year another Halloween.  There are no photos of Cooper in his costume.  He was terrified of it.  Screamed when we put it on.  Ah well.  Next year.  🙂

It is hard work sweeping!

Listen,  it is hard work being a 16 month old.  Especially when your favorite activity is naked sweeping.  You just don’t have time to stop and use the toilet or a diaper.  Details, details.  No worries, mom will only be mildy disgusted when she cleans it up.

Does everyone see the grin of sheer happiness under that paci?

 Really, Coop….really?

September Update

It is mid September and the summer is gone. I have so many photos and blogs to post about our adventures! I will catch up on that once the cold comes.  For now the update is that Cooper is walking, nay, running everywhere and he still have no teeth! He is 15.5 months now 🙂  Laila is starting her 2nd year of preschool. She is going 1/2 days on Tuesday and Thursdays.  We are very proud of her.  🙂 Steve’s job is same old and I think eh is ready for a new challenge.  While my photography business is super busy and I am trying to figure it all out!  🙂

Here are some photos of the sweeties and one of the weirdo cat.

Cooper’s First REAL Haircut

By real, I mean not done my his mother in the kitchen.  🙂  Horrible, I know! 🙂

Photographic evidence-

Quick Photo update

Here are the kids at 14 months and 4 years!

Just a few shots of them this morning 🙂

One way or another

Sometimes when you want a photo with your kids…you have to get one to use wrestling move on the other.  Here is my example.  🙂


Summer is here!

Summer is always super busy and we have already flown through May and June. Cooper turned one and I have a ton of photos to show but not ready yet!


Here is one that I took today as I was heading out for a maternity session.  My two guys….ugh how cute are they?!?

Laila Preschool Graduation 2012!

Laila graduated preschool today! We are so proud of her!

My heart melts….

When I see these two babies, my heart melts EVERYTIME!