Our Little Nature Girl!

The picnic was Laila’s first REAL adventure outside…she slept the whole time. But! She did survive so that was a success in my book. This past weekend we took her up to the lake in Emily, Mn to spend some time outdoors. My parents are convinced that she will be an outdoorsy type of girl (unlike her mother). To say the least….I like it inside. Unless I am on a beach in a tropical location with a Pina Colada in one hand and a gossip magazine in the other.

Anyway!…Laila weathered the weekend very well and loved being out by the lake. She met Kiley my parents dog and spent a lot of time being cuddled. (Giving Mom and Dad time to nap..yay!) She is growing, growing, growing and now eats more at each meal. Took us a few times to figure out that she still wanted/needed more but we got it all covered now!

In addition to the big first weekend it was also Laila’s 1 month birthday! yay! Mom and Dad celebrated with a drink in her honor and a sunset boat ride. 🙂

We are home for a few days and then it is back up to the lake with Scott, Tanya and Marissa! It will be an fun weekend and I am getting very excited! My dad’s family will also all be up there to see Laila. It will be an overstimulation extravanganza for my little babe, but we will survive. (No baby has ever had long term harm from being held TOO much and being loved TOO much right?!)

Here are some pictures from the lake!

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3 Responses to “Our Little Nature Girl!”

  1. Bebe says:

    Love the blog and all the pictures, helps us feel like we’re keeping up with what is happening so far away in Texas. Give our little sweetie lots of hugs and kisses from us…love you all!
    Grandma Bebe & Papa Paul

  2. Jennifer says:

    She is so precious! I’m glad y’all are having fun. I hope you make it down to Tejas around Christmas so we can meet up and introduce our little babes!

  3. Jacque says:

    It makes me sad and extremely happy to see all of these pictures. I miss you guys and she is so beautiful!
    I hope you are taking care of yourself, but it seems so! In every picture you look beautiful. Miss you!
    Take care,

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