One rough week.

I am sorry that we have been absentee lately. We have had a rough few weeks and I have been trying to make ends meet. I have been dealing with a little post partum depression and have been seeking help with that. After we got that under control we got a call Sunday morning from Steve’s mom letting us know that his grandmother was not doing well.

We immediately decided that we needed to go down to be with her. We packed up and headed out a few hours later. We got down there in time to have Grandma Schryer see her youngest great granddaughter. It was one of the most amazing and precious moments I have ever experienced in my life.

We stayed the night and headed back the next day. We got home very late on Monday night. In the wee hours of the morning I woke up with flu-like systems. I won’t give details but…it wasn’t pretty. We stayed home Tuesday and slept all day. We were both physically and emotionally exhausted. It was exactly what we needed.

Wednesday we found out that Grandma Schryer had passed away in her sleep around 3:30 am. Although it is very sad, it was a sense of relief that she was not suffering anymore. Both Steve and I worked all day to keep our minds busy.

Tomorrow we will head out to Wessington Springs, Sd for 5 days to spend time with Steve’s family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. See you next week!

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One Response to “One rough week.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m so sorry for everything right now. It seems like bad stuff just comes in waves. The only good thing about it happening at once is that hopefully it will move out of the way for the good stuff! You are in my prayers. I am so proud of you Momma!!

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