My favorite time of year

This time of the year, after Halloween and before Christmas, is my favorite. It is a time that I always feel like life slows down a bit, just for a brief moment. Summer is over and we rest out bodies from all the activities we Minnesotans cram into the warm months. Winter is not yet here but there is the anticipation of first snow and frosty windows. The feeling of non-stop hustle and bustle from Christmas has not set in yet.

I have always felt that Thanksgiving gets a bad wrap. It seems every year the surrounding holidays encroach upon its limited time a little more. This year I am saying ENOUGH. I am celebrating my holiday first. Back off CHRISTMAS! Stop encroaching on Thanksgiving.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Food, wine, family and naps. Seriously…what can be better?! It was this day two years ago that we told our families we were having Laila. We are so thankful for all the amazing things that have come our way in those 2 years.

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