Moving along, slowly, slowly, slowly…..

We have now spent every night of the week in our new house. Since we have been so hectic and unpacking, we haven’t had a night to relax..but that will come soon enough.  It was nice to just sit on the couch with Steve and watch “How I Met Your Mother” like we used to.

Tonight we are hoping to get our over the range microwave installed and then that should be the end of our house endeavours for a few weeks at least.  We both have decided we need to just live for a while, unpack and deal with the rest a little at a time.

We bought a treadmill and we are both excited to be able to run without leaving the house! Especially since it is getting brisk outside. 🙂 We have had 2 significant snowfalls already this fall! One last Friday night and the other Sunday night through Monday. It is a little early for this, but we just deal with it and realize..we live in Minnesota!

I don’t mind the snow, I just don’t like scraping our cars off. With that being said, we really need to
get all of our boxes out of the garage!  Laila seems indifferent to the snow at this point but we do have
a snowsuit in anticipation for some winter wonderland frolicking!

I will post new pictures when I get my NEW computer on Thursday!!! YAY!!!  It has been a good 5 or 6 years since i got a new computer and longer than that for Steven.  It is long overdue and we are both really excited!

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