March Update- vacation, jobs, awards

It has been two lonnnnnng weeks since we got back from our amazing
vacation. A lot has happened since mid February and I guess I just
start from the beginning! Our trip to Mexico was fabulous. I wish it
had been longer and it always felt like we were away forever. We both
missed Laila so much and had to try to NOT think and talk about her.
It was the longest we had ever been away from her. And the only time
she had ever stayed with anyone besides Grandma and Grandpa Tarasar
for more than one night. But it all worked out well and we were so
happy to see her waiting for us when we got out of the airport.

We spent the whole week laying around, eating, drinking and just
relaxing! It did rain and it didn’t get over mid 70’s so that was a
bit of a bummer, but I guess that means we will just have to try again
next year?! Right?! 🙂

Monday morning, when I got into work, I was offered a new position.
Which is amazing and could not have come at a better time. I am more
than bored at my current job and really need something more
challenging. (The pay raise doesn’t hurt either) My new position is
in Anti-Money Laundering and it is a bit further of a drive, but no by
much. The best part is i can start nearly an hour earlier than my
current job so I will get to pick up Laila sooner! Yay! I start
Tuesday March 16th at the new job.

Steve got his review and did wonderful, as usual! He also received
a Leadership Award for 2009 for his work Training the new employees
transitioning for Wachovia. We are so proud on him! 🙂

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