Laila’s toothbrush and Steve’s Birthday

Laila loves to brush her teeth. This is one of the photos from her first time! We didn’t have properly functioning computer so I couldn’t upload it! But here is it! She is so happy when she gets to brush her teeth…and not so happy when it is time to put it away. Yikes! I will remind her of that later in life… “you used to LOVE to brush your teeth! you used to scream and cry when mommy took it away!”

Also, here is out kitty. We found out today that it is a girl! We don’t know what to name her yet, but we are working on it.
We are having more trouble with kitty names then we did with baby names!

It is Steve’s 29thbirthday today and he is currently out getting his hour massage. Then later tonight we are going out to dinner and a movie! My best friend Jes’ sister, Jenn, is babysitting. She is an AWESOME babysitter and so good with kids! I am excited to have Laila hang out with her!

I can now promise more frequent updates and pictures! Yay!

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