Laila’s First Steps

Tonight, we had a first. A BIG FIRST.

Steve and I saw Laila take her first real steps.
Five sweet, stumbling steps.

We were laying across the foot of our bed and Laila was playing with her toys on the floor beneath us. She stood up and scooted along the bed to Steve’s bedside table. She picked up one of her birthday cards. (yes, we still have her birthday cards strewn about…we don’t get around to cleaning up much lately) She started looking at the card, turned around to show it to us. Then started looking back at the card and one step ( I held me breathe) two steps (I hit Steve to get his attention) three steps ( I break out in smile) four steps (I look at Steve) five steps (I start to cry) and then BOOM! She falls on her butt. She looks up at us when she realized what just happened, a little frightened. When she sees us smiling and praising her she breaks out in a HUGE smile.

It was one of the best moments that I can ever remember and I am so glad that I was there!

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