Labor Day

Wow, what a crazy week we have had! It all started last Friday when Scott and Tanya Janish (Steve’s brother and sister in law) flew in from D.C. We picked them up at noon and headed back to our house to meet Marissa (Steve’s sister).

We had a jam-packed weekend planned which included Steve’s annual fantasy football draft. Steve’s friends arrived from all over the country for this event…Vegas, DC, Florida and Chicago! It was really great for them to be able to see little miss Laila.

Around 3:00 pm (sidenote: Wanted to leave at 12:00 pm…but..) Tanya, Marissa, Laila and I left the boys to their devices and headed up to the cabin. We didn’t make it there until 8:30 pm…normally at 2.5 hour drive that turned into a 5.5 hour drive. Wow. We got a few interesting phone calls and texts from the boys at the draft but it was a mostly uneventful evening filled with margaritas and campfires.
The guys (steve and scott) arrived the next day around 1:00 and we just hung out for most of the day. That evening we headed up to the local bar on the lake, The Bungalow, for cocktails and entertainment.

Sunday was filled with sunshine and boating. My mom watched Laila from about 12 -6 and we took the boats out on the lake! We went skiing and tubing….and attempts at wakeboarding. 🙂 It was wonderful and I even got a little bit of a tan!

Monday we all headed home and went our separate ways until we meet up again in Texas for Christmas! Laila had a great time meeting all of her Grandpa’s family. She got to meet her Great Grandma Audrey and her little cousin Anna! We will post more pictures later..there are a few hundred! 🙂

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