We had our ultrasound on Friday the 21st!  We are having a boy. We are SO thrilled!  There isn’t a lot to say about it except that we are SO excited! 🙂

Laila is excited to have a little brother and really wants to name him “charlie in the box”.  Do you remember the misfit toys from the old Rudolph cartoon?  Well, Laila is STILL watching that show every time she goes to her grandparents.  She loves it and THAT is why she is obsessed with that name.  The only other option she has contributed is “mucky -muck” from Bob the Builder.  I told her we would consider all the options very carefully.

We do have a few names in mind but won’t make a decision until we see the baby.  It is such a hard decision!  From the ultrasound they estimated a weight of 12 ounces and a due date of 6/10/11.  Our original due date was 6/7/11.  The strange thing in that 6/10 is my brother andy’s birthday and 6/7 is Steve’s brother Scott’s birthday.  We have something about having babies on people birthdays in our family.  Laila was hours from being born on my birthday. So strange!

We (the doctor included!) decided to leave the due date at 6/7 as my brother Andy’s wedding in on 6/18/11 and we would like to be able to go.  If for some reason we do have to be induced it would be around the 14th and that would still leave us enough time to recover, hopefully, and make it down to Worthington, Mn.  Only time will tell what happens and we only have 4-ish months to go!  Now that we know we are having a boy we are so ANXIOUS to meet him!

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