Girl’s Day Out!

This past weekend, Steve elected to do some overtime with the merger that is happening, so it was a girls day at the Janish house!  We had a fabulous day together, I think Laila would agree.  We started out by heading to Starbucks and sipping on a few delicious concoctions while expressing ourselves artistically. 

After we tired of that, we headed to the store to pick out new coloring books!  Laila was very excited and she even sat in the cart without protest. (This means she really didn’t want to jeopardize the possibility of new wares with a tantrum).  She chose 3 books: Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Club House and an all inclusive Sesame Street option. 

After that excitement we went home and had lunch together.  After her nap we colored like we had never colored before.  I think she had a great day too.  She could not get over the idea that Daddy was at work, but Mommy was staying home with her.

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