Funny things Laila says.

Steve suggested that I post when Laila does something funny so we don’t forget. She has done a lot of funny (to us) things lately!

This morning she has been running around the house calling Mia, our dog, “you sugary thing.”   I have no idea where it came from but it is hysterical to me.

She also decided while eating her tomato soup that it was missing something. When I asked her what she wanted to put in it…she said blueberries.  I told her no! blueberries don’t go in tomato soup.  When she asked why and I couldn’t give her a good answer…I gave in.  Guess what?  She ate about 30 blueberries in her tomato soup.  And ALL of the soup.   Apparently that WAS what it was missing.

What else? Well she told me “Mom! I think my butt is cracking!”  If anyone can figure THAT out I would like to know what she meant.

The last funny thing that I can think of is a few nights ago she stole my pudding.  She glared at me across the table while she shoveled it in and said “oh geez, this is going to give me gas!”.

We have a comedian on our hands!

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