First Day of Swim Lessons!

We should be packing for our big trip to D.C. tomorrow. But, instead, we will blog!

I have a ton of new pics to show you and a few videos. I am going to see how many I can get up before we leave.

It was Laila’s last day at daycare today. It was sad. I was sad. She, of course, had no idea what was going on and I am thankful for that. I hope that the new daycare is able to provide her with all the same wonderful things that we were able to experience at the old one. If not, we will just keeeeep searching!

Laila had her first night of swim lessons with Daddy tonight. I went along to witness the momentous occasion. In the end, my attendance was more of a hinderance than a help. Laila saw me on the side of the pool and started crying. She was tired and it was nearing her bedtime. She wanted her mommy! (sometimes we all need our mommies, right?)

Steve and I are both so excited to have a few days off work and relax. I will try to post mobile uploads as we go along but no promises!

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