Cutie Pa-tootie

This is the outfit that Laila’s “aunty” Victoria and her bff Ridley bought her for Valentine’s day.
They are going to be each other’s Valentine’s. However, we are going to Chicago for the weekend over Valentine’s Day and there may be some competition. We think we are going to start teaching Laila the importance of commitment early and make her decide who she wants to be her Valentine. If she likes Prentice (steve’s friend’s baby) she will just have to wait until next Valentines Day.

Now, to the bummer portion of this post. Laila had her 6 months check up last week. She is growing and healthy, just like we expected. However, she has another ear infection. That is 4 in 4 months. Her pediatrician said that we can start talking about putting tubes in her ears. He wanted to know if we wanted to make an appointment to talk to the ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. After a lengthy discussion with our doctor, we decided to bring her back in one month and check her ears again. If she has another ear infection anytime soon , we will be putting tubes in her ears. But for now, we are just hoping for the best.

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