Conversations With Laila

We had a conversation with Laila about pets last night and it went as follows:

Me: Laila, if you had a doggy what would you name her?
Laila: ummmmm… Poopy.
Me: Ok, lets try this again…Laila, if you had a puppy, what would
you name her?
Laila: Ummmmm. ::pause:: Ummmmm…..Rainbow.
Steve: Rambo or Rainbow?
Laila: RAINnnnnbow.

(giggle from me and steve)

Me: Laila, if you could change the kitty’s name, what would it be?
Laila: Ummmmmm……..ummmmm……Baby’s Sleepin’.
Me: Kitty Baby Sleepin?
Steve: I like the way that sounds!
Me: Laila, if you had a fish what would you name i?
Laila: Fishy bubbles.
Me: You would name it Fish “Fishy Bubbles?”
Laila: Mmhmmmm.
Me: If you had a horse, Laila, what would you name it?
Laila: Dan.

(fits of laughter from me and steve)
Ahhh, she is so funny. We just lov

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