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Picture Post

We are busy packing for our upcoming trip, but I wanted to share these photos with you.  We will try to update on the road but if not, see you at the end of August! . .


We had tacos the other night and Laila insisted on having her own full sized taco.  Fully loaded, of course!  Well, except the hot sauce which she informed us was “not for babies mommy”. She managed to get two good bites before it all fell apart.  Mostly in her lap but partially on her plate.

Getting Dressed

Laila likes to dress herself these days.  And let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t need to wear four pair of shorts on a brisk April day? 😉

Happy Easter!

Laila is doing a little Easter morning playdoh art. She had an exciting morning looking through her Easter basket and searching for all the eggs the Easter Bunny hid for her! This afternoon we are off to the Liekhus’ house to enjoy some time with old friends!

Such a big girl!

This is Laila eating her “ice keam” treat after going peepee on her potty TWICE in on night! Woo hoo! Mommy and daddy see a faint light at the end of the diaper tunnel. We aren’t getting our hopes up too high and are just enjoying the laughs that come along with this part of

Laila in the Spring

We are enjoying our beautiful backyard during this fabulous spring weather with our new puppy!!! Doesn’t laila just look adorable!? I think so. 🙂