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Home Improvement Kindergarten Style!

April Blizzard

Who doesn’t want a blizzard mid April!?  I think the total was 13” and it was so pretty to watch! 🙂 I got to photograph a pregnant mama in the snow and I LOVED IT. Then we went outside to play.  🙂 I decided to just enjoy the snow because everyone else was SO angry

Pic of the Day

Oh….boy…… 🙂

Coop- the animal lover!

Winter, Winter…go away!

The Parents. The silly kids! We are SO TIRED OF SNOW!  Laila has been learning about money and value of coins! We can’t believe our little nugget is almost 2! We have played with the big blue balloon a lot..until Maisy popped it! OOPS!

Laila and Mom – hanging out!

    Sometimes we just lay around….and play.  Ok, a lot. 🙂  I love catching these moments when we are just being a family and all look silly.   (photos taken by Steve Janish)

Sleeping sweet baby.

This is TMI for most people but something a momma doesn’t forget. Cooper AND Laila both threw up for the first time this week.  That is right, we went almost 5 years with no vomit.  I could go 25 more without another episode.  We have all been battling sickness for the past few weeks.  

Photos by Laila!

Laila, age 4 –  Preschooler, photographer and big sister. This photo was taken by Laila. It is out of focus but his face is TOO funny not to share! 🙂 Love this little guy! A series taken by Laila (4)!  She is talented! 🙂 Laila also took these of me!

2012 First Snow Day!

We got WELL over a foot of snow in 24 hours and it feels like Christmas now! I did enjoy the extra 4-6 weeks of no snow though.  🙂 But I am happy to see the kid’s faces light up when they woke up in the morning. 🙂

Wuh-OH! Wuh -OH!

Cooper’s favorite word to say is “wuh-oh”!  I love it and coach him to say it because it is so adorable. That has nothing to do with the photos I am posting…I just thought you should know how cute he is. 🙂 We saw Santa today.  Laila asked for a dollhouse and a Dora Mermaid doll.  Cooper