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The beginning of a new world

My baby is going to school tomorrow.  Last week we went to Kindergarten open house to meet Laila’s teacher, Ms. Carlson, and drop off all of her school supplies.  This all a little bit of a whirlwind as she was suppose to go to a school here in Coon Rapids.  However, with the house being

Laila Preschool Graduation 2012!

Laila graduated preschool today! We are so proud of her!

Girl’s Day Out!

This past weekend, Steve elected to do some overtime with the merger that is happening, so it was a girls day at the Janish house!  We had a fabulous day together, I think Laila would agree.  We started out by heading to Starbucks and sipping on a few delicious concoctions while expressing ourselves artistically.  After

Laila’s First Steps

Tonight, we had a first. A BIG FIRST. Steve and I saw Laila take her first real steps. Five sweet, stumbling steps. We were laying across the foot of our bed and Laila was playing with her toys on the floor beneath us. She stood up and scooted along the bed to Steve’s bedside table. She picked up one

Birthday girl!!

This is what a perfect one year old baby girl looks like! 🙂

Laila first dolly!

Thanks Great Grandma Audrey! Laila loves her doll and snuggles with her every night now!

At the lake! First boat trip

Baby’s First Easter

Laila had a great first Easter. She got her very own Easter basket filled with all kinds of goodies. A puzzle, books, shirts, capris, sockies, and a few sunhats! The cutest thing as a little train that was made out of the letter of her name. It even has a little engine and caboose. How adorable! There was

First Day of Swim Lessons!

We should be packing for our big trip to D.C. tomorrow. But, instead, we will blog! I have a ton of new pics to show you and a few videos. I am going to see how many I can get up before we leave. It was Laila’s last day at daycare today. It was sad.

Laila’s First Blog Post!

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