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Happy Holidays!

Thank goodness the madness of the holidays are over! Although, it does make me a little sad that Laila’s first Christmas has come and gone. Here is the Janish family on the day that we left Texas!

10 Days till Christmas

We are in full countdown mode here at the Janish household in freezing cold North St Paul, Mn. Currently it is -3 degrees with a windchill of -25 degrees!!! Although apparently it is only going to be a high on 37 degrees today in Arlington. But 37 is better than -3! I am home sick today and


Laila’s Thanksgiving Dress. ( it WAS meant to be her Christmas dress….but..well…she is a healthy, growing girl) 🙂 Laila with her Auntie Jesi. Laila with her Grandma Tarasar on Turkey Day!

Almost Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It may be my favorite holiday and I can tell that Laila loves it. We are heading to my parents house in Anoka for dinner. We will also be making a stop by my friend Jes’ family event to show off Laila. 🙂 Laila has a blanky now and she loves it!