Baby’s First Easter

Laila had a great first Easter. She got her very own Easter basket filled with all kinds of goodies. A puzzle, books, shirts, capris, sockies, and a few sunhats! The cutest thing as a little train that was made out of the letter of her name. It even has a little engine and caboose. How adorable!
There was a transportation theme to her basket with a book about cars, a car puzzle and her train. 🙂 Very adorable.

I will post a pic of her Easter dress, (which every little girl MUST have!). It was overall a great day. We have had a pretty stressful week..more on that later. But everything has seemed to have calmed down and we maybe we have a solution to our housing issues. But, I don’t really want to get into that right now.

I want to just revel in the happiness that we are feeling RIGHT NOW in theJanish house. And my, it feels wonderful. 🙂

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