As the world turns or insert equally dramatic title….

With school started back up again and life as busy as ever I am feeling quite overwhelmed.  I just keep telling myself that I can get it done tomorrow; then tomorrow comes and nothing happens.  Being a stay at home mom now, I feel like I should be doing a better job of keeping this house looking spotless.  I am not sure how other stay at home moms do it.  They must know some secret that I haven’t been privy to yet.

There are the clean dishes from last night, the dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch, laundry from 3 people (who seem to change a lot I guess), a floor that needs to be swept, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned, recycling that needs to be empties, driveway that needs to be shoveled and a floor that need to be vacuumed daily due to the pet hair to which I have an allergy.

This list is not my just on my shoulders, I do have an amazing husband who helps so much after he gets home.  More that I would like him to be honest.  I wish he could come home to a quiet, clean, and pleasant environment.  That is that the reality in our house most days.  It is chaotic, tantrumy (that isn’t even a word!), and cluttered.

Those are the household needs and do not include the raising of my perfect daughter who needs attention and love showered upon her.  We have IMPORTANT things to do, you know.  There are crafts to be made, books to be read, dances to be danced and stories to be told.

I am not even going to get STARTED on my guilt about getting or not getting to the gym.  That topic could go on for pages.  We get there as much as we can and that is all there is to it!

I am trying to grasp the fact that LIFE is not perfect, no matter how much it looks so.  Everyone has issues and problems so if my biggest one is a messy house or laundry piled up… SO BE IT.  I am so thankful for a beautiful daughter and a loving husband.

I will keep trying harder to get in all my mom, household, school duties and personal desires.  If something has to go by the wayside I suppose I am making by letting the laundry sit there one more day.  Who cares if that window has dog slobber on it or Laila’s toys are still in the bath.  I have more important things to do, like live my life and enjoy it.

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