Another month comes and goes…

I feel like time is just flying by. I wish I could make time stand still or at least slow to a crawl for a few months. Laila is getting too big right before our eyes and it is scary! It is strange to think about 1.5 years ago Lailadidn’t even exist and now she is close to a year old!

March was a good month for the Janish family. We had a lot of things happen. We learned that Laila enjoys the swimming pool after her first lessons with Daddy. We got Laila scheduled for her tubes on April 27th. We went out to Maryland to see Scott and Tanya. Making it the 6th state that Laila has been to in her 8 months lifespan!

She did great on the flight out there and did ok on the flight back. She would NOT go to sleep the whole time and then, of course, she fell asleep right as we landed. We were upgraded to first class on the return flight! So this little baby really has a head start on getting it all done. 2 big trips, 6 states and first class all before 1 year! Lucky little lady is what I say!

We spent a day in Annapolis and is was AMAZING weather. We had a great lunch and I found a delicious caramel apple for desert. Aside from that we just relaxed and hung out. Ate good food and laughed a lot with Scott and Tanya. I had a great time and I am so thankful for such amazing family.

One other big thing that happened in March is the daycare switch. Laila is now at an in home daycare with a woman named Pat Miller. She lives very close to us and has one other little girl in her care. Haley and Laila play all day long. Today Pat told me that they sat in front of each other and waved at each other for nearly 5 minutes. So cute! I almost think I want to leave my camera at Pat’s so she can take pictures of the girls.

Laila is always so happy when I pick her up and Pat really seems to enjoy taking care of the girls. Plus, bonus for us, we don’t have to get her ready in the morning. Pat says she is more than happy to dress her after her morning nap. Awesome! 🙂

So less money, less work for us and Laila is loving it! I am, so far, very pleased with our decision.
That is about it for the last month. Some big things going on this next month!

  • April 6th is the Twin’s Home Opener! Laila is going to Auntie Victoria’s house to play with her boyfriend, Ridley.
  • April 8th is my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary! (amazing!)
  • April 12th is Easter.
  • April 19th is Laila’s cousin Ana’s 3rd birthday party. (Laila’s FIRST party!)
  • April 25th is the Heart Walk!
  • April 25th is also Laila’s cousin Locke’s 1st birthday party! woo-hoo! Party!
  • April 27th is Laila’s surgery date.

We are so excited to get into April but at the same time, hoping we can take some time to slow life down and really enjoy it.

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