And the waiting continues

So, we are still here…waiting. Another week. We hope that this will be that last week of waiting, at least waiting for this. We are set to close Friday at 1:30 but we will see if that happens. If it does we are both ready to jump in and start getting ready to clean and paint. My parents are planning (for the 4th weekend in a row) to take Laila. Every week comes and goes and we have to say…not this about next weekend?

I start class this week. I have a class on Saturday from 8- 11 am, which i am not looking forward to being functional at that hour. But, it has to be done! It is a macroeconomics class so I am excited for that, I really enjoy economics.

Laila is so close to walking these days! Grandma Pam bought her a little toy that she can ride/scoot along and it also lifts up to be a walk-along toy. She CRUISES on that thing. Get out of her way or suffer the consequences of broken toes.

She was 13 months old yesterday and STILL NO TEETH! Yikes! I am sure she is tired of eating semi mushy foods or very small chunks of notsmushy foods. We have talked about it and she is getting ready to show some pearly whites soon she says.

We are going to the doctor on Wednesday for her 1 yr check up. It is a month late and the funny thing is that I made the appointment in the beginning of June. It was the ONLY time they could get me in with the Dr. that I wanted at the time I wanted. Oh well, delaying the shots is not so bad…but they inevitable come along no matter how far away you make the appointment.
Laila is such a good baby I am just waiting for the switch to flip and have the crazy kid that I hear everyone else has. She is such a blessing and we are so very lucky.

Steve is doing well. He has been running again and is sad that baseball is winding down. He is all geared up for football though. They sure do make these transitions easy in the world of sports, don’t they? Not a day without something to talk about. ::rolls her eyes:: It makes him happy, and that is all that I can ask for sometimes! We all need our escape.

I’ll keep you updated on the housing situation but right now Steve needs to talk to me about the Mt Dew commercial where ferrets attack people with a chainsaw?? I think he needs my devoted attention. Being married is so fun and amusing sometimes. 🙂

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