And away we go!

A lot of things have been going through my brain, or what is left of it.
A)  How did my 7 lb 14 oz baby turn into a 24 lb 14 oz toddler?
B)  When did she starts saying “whoa” like Joey from Blossom?
C) When did she lose her baby rolls and gain the cutest little legs and tummy I’ve ever seen?
D) How did I survive a week without Steve?
E) How can I survive a week WITH Steve (and Laila and my mom) in a car.  Yikes! That is a long time in a small space.

In all reality, I am still reeling from the past year.  So much has changed that I am just starting to settle into my new life.  In the spirit of change, I have a job interview on Monday.  I would NEVER want to keep my life the same for more than a month!  Time for a new job!  I will let you know how it goes.

Laila is a duck for Halloween.  It was an easy decision and she says “quack quack” all the time.  She loves the just wear the duck feet around the house.  Odd little girl, but it is pretty cute.  She is getting 2 new teeth.  The front ones.  She looks pretty cute with teeth!

Steve has been gone all week in Charlotte North Carolina on business.  He has been training the Wachovia team to bring them up to speed on the Wells Fargo procedures.  We missed him terribly, but he has a great time!  We only had one minor incident involving the shower curtain/rod, the toilet and the towel rack.  Use your imagination but know that I am now convinced our bathroom is now haunted.  Very timely for the ghost to show himself right around Halloween.  And yes, it is a man ghost.  Only a man would think me sticking my hand in the toilet bowl is funny.  Luckily, it had just been cleaned!  Take that ghost!

Anyway….3 weeks from today we will be taking off on our cross country adventure.  First stop will be Denver to see my aunt and uncle.  Next stop Pueblo to see my new baby, Olivia!  Then hopefully seeing my friend Angie in Colorado Springs if it works out.  Then it is off to Dallas to hang out in the warmth for a few days.  What i am REALLY excited about it driving to see my friend Jen, who I haven’t seen in 11 (yikes!) years.  Man, I miss her and I am so excited to meet her little girl.  I know her and Laila will love each other.  Laila loves everyone and how can anyone not love Laila!

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