Almost Thanksgiving

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It may be my favorite holiday and I can tell that Laila loves it.

We are heading to my parents house in Anoka for dinner. We will also be making a stop by my friend Jes’ family event to show off Laila. 🙂

Laila has a blanky now and she loves it! I’ll post a picture of it…it is a bit strange. It is just a square of fabric with a bear head attached. Sounds creepy, I know, but is actually cute. The bear head is also a rattle. Lucky Laila!!!

Steve and I still trade off putting her to sleep (we are both baby hogs) and we still trade off getting up with her in the morning. He is just the best daddy and still an amazing husband! We will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in 26 days! Wow! What a crazy year it has been!

Laila was getting ready for her big trip to Texas tonight before bed. She tried on her sunhat, sandals and shorts. She told us she wanted us to take pictures of her…so we obliged of course. We’ll post them this weekend.

Well, Steve and I are going to take advantage of this rare Wednesday evening with no work tomorrow by watching a movie and making pizza! Maybe we will even stay up past 9:30! Woah….slow down, I Know!!!!!!!

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