After a long week…

It has been a long week. A week that seemed to last at least 2 or 3 weeks long. Laila had her first fever and she has been coughing again a lot at night. She seems to be ok though. Her demeanor is normal, laughing and cheerful.

Mama is not so cheerful though. I have been fighting sickness all week until last night when my body finally gave in. On Laila’s first Halloween of all days. It is ok though…we are going to celebrate today.

We are also going to the Como Zoo Conservatory with our friend Victoria and her good friend Leann. Laila is so excited she decided to fall asleep right before we are suppose to leave. 🙂
Oh well. She needs her rest and I could use the time to finish up some laundry and whatnot.

Steve is at the Gopher football game today. So we thought we would do a girls day. I am feeling much better after sleeping for 14 hours last night. I am sure I am overexerting myself but Laila needs a new experience once in a while!

We will post pics when we return!

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