Adventures in Bathland

I was reminded of a funny story today at work.
Last week I was running a bath for Laila and it had about 3 inches of water in it, along with copious amount of bubbles.
She often stands at the end of the tub and watches the water rise and the bubbles brew.
This particular night was not business as usual.
She was extremely excited by the bubbles that were growing and the splashing water.
I turned to get her towel and soap off the counter right behind me and I heard the squeal mixed with a grunt.
I turned back around just in time to watch her slip over the side of the tub, right into the bath…fully clothed.
I scooped her up within a millisecond and couldn’t help but laugh.
Bubbles all over her face and hair, only the front half of her clothes soaked.
What a silly sight she was, and the biggest smiled mixed with confusion on her face.

My heart did stop for a beat when i saw her slide in, but it did remind me that we can’t leave those little people alone for ONE moment!
They are crazy daredevils!
I hope that I never forget this memory, it is one of my favorites so far. 🙂

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